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The Goomba Diet
The Goomba Diet:
Living Large & Loving It

Goomba's Book of Love
The Goomba's Book
of Love

Goomba's Book of Life
The Goomba's Guide
to Life

More Sopranos...

The Sopranos Family Cookbook - Artie Bucco

The Sopranos: Selected Scripts from Three Seasons

The Psychology of the Sopranos: Love, Death, Desire and Betrayal in America's Favorite Gangster Family

The Sopranos: A Family History

Sicilian-English, English-Sicilian Dictionary

The Fortunate Pilgrim
by Mario Puzo

Another great Italian story ...with a female head of the Family! Based on Mario's mother. Re-released hard cover edition!

The Godfather Book
by Peter Cowie

British Making-Of book available from amazon.co.uk!



The only Godfather novel is the original The Godfather (1969). There were no separate novels for Parts II and III, although The Godfather does include the young Vito (De Niro) sequences. The rest of Part II and III were written only for the screenplay.

Similarly, there is no second novel for The Last Don. Although the mini-series on television had a Part II, The Last Don is only one novel. Mario Puzo did not write the screenplay for either miniseries, but did consult on the first installment.

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Peter Cowie's The Godfather Book

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THE GODFATHER FAMILY ALBUM is a must-have for Godfather fans. Weighing in at around 6.5 lbs and measuring 10"x15" the hardcover ALBUM is crammed full of 100s of photos throughout its 424 pages, covering all three films. There are photos, large and small, from the film itself as well as from Steve Schapiro's behind-the-scenes collection. Many you've seen before, and many you likely haven't, all with captions and various quotes from the movies and cast/crew. This is not merely a picture book, however. Also included are excerpts from:

The Making of The Godfather (from Mario Puzo's The Godfather Papers & Other Confessions, 1972)
Interview with Marlon Brando (Life, 1972)
"Al Pacino: An Actor Who Believes in Taking Chances" (Show, 1971)
"The Making of The Godfather--Sort of a Home Movie" (NYT, 1971)
Retrospective Interviews by Peter Biskind (Premiere, 1997)
Coppola and The Godfather (Sight and Sound, 1972)
Interview With Al Pacino (Playboy, 1979)
Interview with Francis Ford Coppola (Newsweek, 1974)
Interview with Francis Ford Coppola (Playboy, 1975)
Interview with Francis Ford Coppola (NYT, 1974)
"Godfather III" (Life, 1990)


The Godfather II Video Game

PS3 Xbox 360 Windows XP/Vista  


The Coppola Restoration of The Godfather DVDs is finally here!

Read about it, and Pre-Order on DVD and Blu-Ray!

The Godfather's Revenge

by Mark Winegardner

A new novel based on the characters created by MARIO PUZO

November 7, 2006 - Buy Now

The third, and final, installment in Mario Puzo's epic chronicle of the Corleone crime family-one of the most enduring lineages in American literature and cinema-achieves a stunning crescendo with a story that imagines the role of the Mafia in the assassination of a young, charismatic president.

Order Hardcover (496pp)
Order Audio CD (Unabridged)
Order Audio CD (Abridged)

The Godfather Legacy
The Untold Story of the Making of the Classic Godfather Trilogy
Featuring Never-Before-Published Production Stills

by Harlan Lebo

(October 25, 2005)

The Godfather Returns

The Saga of The Family Corleone
by Mark Winegardner
A new novel based on the characters created by MARIO PUZO

Order Hardcover (448pp)
Order Hardcover (Large Print)
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Order Audio CD (Abridged)
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The Godfather: The Game

Check out my visit to EA and my review of the game!

The Collector's Edition for PS2 & X-Box includes: Behind-the-scenes video with James Caan and Robert Duvall; detailed "making of" game footage and interviews; documentary exploring the cultural impact of The Godfather; in-depth video walkthroughs of game strategy.

Available Now for:

See Also:
Prima Official Strategy Guide

A Meal to Die ForA Meal to Die For:
A Culinary Novel of Crime

by Joeseph "Vito Spatafore" Gannascoli

"A tasty slice of mob life."Steven R. Schirripa, actor on HBO's The Sopranos (Bobby Bacala) and author of A Goomba's Guide to Life, The Goomba's Book of Love, and The Goomba Diet : Living Large and Loving It

"It's Big Night meets Goodfellas."James Gandolfini, Tony Soprano on HBO's The Sopranos

A Guy's Guide to Being a Man's ManA Guy's Guide to Being a Man's Man
by Frank Vincent
Forward by James Gandolfini

"If you want to be a big dog, then don't play like a puppy."

Want to learn how to smoke a cigar?
Order a martini?
Appreciate wine?
Talk your way into an exclusive club?

It's all in here

When the Mob Ran Vegas
Stories of Murder, Mayhem and Money

by Steve Fischer

Vegas like you've never seen, tales you've never heard -- until now. Sizzing, behind-the-scenes stories about the men, the Mob, movie stars, and missing money that made '50s and '60s Vegas such a hot spot in the Nevada desert.

21 stories packed with intrigue and mystery, a thoroughly researched book, vintage photos.

Messages from The Godfather
by Michael & Tony Moiso

This little gem contains 60 pertinent messages/proverbs for life ("Blood is thicker than water", "To succeed in business, you must run a tight ship"). What sets this apart is that we're learning these messages from the film classic THE GODFATHER.

The Way of the Wiseguy - Donnie Brasco aka Joe Pistone

Hardcover (224pp) +
CD Audio (39 min 30 sec)


aka Joseph D. Pistone

Joe Pistone (aka Donnie Brasco) is back in action, documenting THE WAY OF THE WISEGUY: True Stories from the FBI's Most Famous Undercover Agent.

In this riveting nonfiction tale, Pistone recounts the tales from the lives of his alter egos, each of whom dealt with various gangs of Wiseguys all over the world -- New York Mafia, Scotland Yard, Chinese Triads, and multiple third world countries.

This extraordinary account includes a CD with actual FBI surveillance audio from the Donnie Brasco Operation!

See also: Donnie Brasco : My Undercover Life in the Mafia

The Return of SFWhile not the "official" sequel, THE RETURN OF SF became available October, 2003! I've read it, and must say it is absolutely fabulous - you will not be disappointed!

THE RETURN OF SF is the story of two brothers, Alejandro and Roberto. Join their wild journey from the streets of Cuba, to the excitement of Miami's nightlife. We follow them and their attempts to resist the drug world that doomed their father.

It is also about a major player coming back from the past. At first trying to live a normal life. But ultimately realizing that revenge is the only answer. If you like Scarface, you'll love THE RETURN OF SF!

Now available at Amazon.com!

Mario Puzo Paperbacks


The Godfather
"I think [The Godfather] is a perfectly-executed book, with great invention of story." —Mario Puzo

Mario Puzo Purchase The Godfather audiobook for iTunes! NEW!

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The Godfather

The Godfather

Audio Cassette

Audio Cassette

Audio CD

About The Godfather..


<< NEW!



PAPERBACK / May 2001

LARGE PRINT (Hardcover) / July 2000

E-BOOK (PDF) / Download it right now!

iconABRIDGED / Audio Cassette / July 2000
iconUNABRIDGED / Audio Cassette / July 2000

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    The Last Don
    "The Last Don I like very much because of its energy, and vitality, and invention of story." —Mario Puzo

    The Last Don
    Mario Puzo / Paperback / 1997

    The Last Don
    Mario Puzo / Large Print Paperback / 1996

    The Last Don : A Novel
    Mario Puzo, Joe Mantegna (Narrator) / Audio Cassette cass

    See also: Videos, DVDs

    The Family

    The FamilyTHE FAMILY
    by Mario Puzo
    Completed by Carol Gino

    Mario Puzo's final work -- a labor of love for over ten years -- completed by wife and author Carol Gino after his death. A story of the greatest power family in Italian history -- the Borgias -- set in fifteenth-century Rome.

    Mario Puzo Purchase The Family audiobook for iTunes! NEW!

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    The Family

    The Family

    Audio CD

    PDF Download
    - Get it Now!

    Audio Cassette

    Audio Cassette

    The Family
    (Large Print)

    More from Carol Gino:
    Carol Gino was Mario Puzo's companion the last 20 years of his life. She, a registered nurse, is also an author! Check her work out below:

    Then an Angel Came
    Carol Gino / Hardcover / 1997

    Then an Angel Came
    Carol Gino / Paperback / 1998

    The Nurse's Story
    Carol Gino / Paperback / 1997

    Rusty's Story
    Carol Gino / Paperback / 1997

    On Wings of Truth
    Carol Gino (Editor) / Paperback / 1989


    The Godfather and American CultureThe Wiseguy Cookbook: My Favorite Recipes from My Life As a Goodfella to Cooking on the Run by Henry Hill

    You know Henry Hill's story from Goodfellas. In this book he tells some spicy stories of his life in the Mob and out, and shows readers how to whip up his favorite dishes, Sicilian-style recipes to make even the toughest tough-guy beg for more...

    [ Purchase from: USA | UK ]

    Some Mafia books:
    Mafia Dynasty : The Rise and Fall of the Gambino Crime Family
    Wiseguy: Life in a Mafia Family by Nicholas Pileggi
    Boss of Bosses: The Fall of the Godfather: The FBI and Paul Castellano
    Gotti: Rise and Fall Underboss: Sammy the Bull Gravano's Story of Life in the Mafia
    Donnie Brasco : My Undercover Life in the Mafia by Joseph D. Pistone
    Casino by Nicholas Pileggi
    GoodFellas (based on Wiseguy) by Scorcese and Pileggi
    The Armageddon Chronicles : A Mafia Epic (fiction)
    Gangster by Lorenzo Carcaterra (fiction)

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